Museo Mario Bernasconi

6912 Pazzallo Ticino Switzerland


Private collection of the art work by the Swiss sculptor 

Mario Bernasconi 1899-1963 and by his wife, 

the painter Irma Bernasconi-Pannes 1902-1971



Collezione privata delle opere dello scultore svizzero Mario Bernasconi 1899-1963 e di sua moglie la pittrice Irma Bernasconi-Pannes 1902-1971


Exposition permanente Collection de sculptures de Mario Bernasconi et de sa femme peintre Irma Bernasconi Pannes


Privat Sammlung von dem Schweizer Bildhauer Mario Bernasconi 1899-1963 und seiner Frau die Malerin Irma Bernasconi Pannes 1902-1971







Risveglio,  Belvedere Park in Lugano 



L'Acquaiola, fountain , Paradiso-Lugano


1956 - Inauguration of the Acquaiola (The Water carrier) on the Quai of Paradiso in the center of the fountain.[4]

Regarding the Water-carrier a very positive critique appeared, on March 9, 1956 by Prof. Charly Clerc, entitled: "Sculpteur tessinois" on the front page of the Journal de Geneve, . Here translated from the French:

"Mario Bernasconi is a fine and original artist who has worked hard. The projects in his studio stand to demonstrate not only a distinguished artist but a great artist"

Soon in Paradiso the inauguration will take place of the young girl that draws water from the fountain, that is an ensemble of gentleness, grace and grandeur."[5]

On the ACQUAIOLA the painter Mario Guberti Helfricht from Ravenna, on the invitation for the centenary celebration of Mario Bernasconi 1899-1999 by the city of Lugano responded expressing as follows (in the Italian language) :

"L'opera riprodotta e' un capolavoro,un vero inno alla bellezza femminile,quale solo un grande artista poteva fare."

English translation: "The ACQUAIOLA is a masterpiece, a true hymn to female beauty, as only a great artist could do"



Piazzetta Mario Bernasconi, front view of the Museum



Museum inside view



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In the year 2005 the home where the sculptor was born has been restored



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Film of the artworks by Mario Bernasconi

Film of the artworks by Irma Bernasconi


Articles and critics: Mario, Irma e Museo

Giuseppe Curonici, Introduction to the volume Mario Bernasconi Salvioni Editor

Il Cantonetto, Mario Agliati 2005

Articolo  Rivista di Lugano  14 Ottobre 2011

La  Regione 15 Gennaio 2009, Elena Spoerl

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articolo pag 105,     articolo pag.106

Articolo su Claudio Arrau RSI rete due



Television programs on the Museum

Il Regionale, Zoe Salati on the occasion of the centenary of the sculptor

Il Quotidiano,  Simona Ostinelli on the restoration of the  Casa natale

Film by University Supsi  Museum Mario Bernasconi

RSI LA1 CULTURA, Aprile 2013 Simona Ostinelli LA CASA DI MARIO" 







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Pazzallo is situated on the beautiful San Salvatore mountain.

"...I feel like a son of yours o beautiful rocky mountain and when I see you I envy the rising sun's kiss, fresh and solemn like a God..."


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